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Through the icy teeth of winter by GorgeousWreck Through the icy teeth of winter :icongorgeouswreck:GorgeousWreck 6 2 On the edge of the most by GorgeousWreck On the edge of the most :icongorgeouswreck:GorgeousWreck 8 0 A Walk To Remember by GorgeousWreck A Walk To Remember :icongorgeouswreck:GorgeousWreck 6 4 Challenger by GorgeousWreck Challenger :icongorgeouswreck:GorgeousWreck 15 4
My eyes glistening with tears,
But not yet fallen.
I’m crying silent tears,
On the inside so you are unable to see.
All the pain running through me.
I never sleep,
For fear of what tomorrow might bring.
How can I be so lost
In a place I know so well?
Surrounded by so many?
Always forced to fight,
A fight I never seem to win.
God only knows such a fact,
I’ve fought for so long.
When will this ever end?
Sometimes I walk past everyone
As if I were invisible.
Everything’s moving with no place to go,
I tell myself that everything’s going to be ok.
What I hide is buried deep within me.
So many tears I have shed in the dark,
Hidden away in the privacy of my own thoughts.
Only to be shelved with morning’s first light,
With no courage to speak of my pain.
So instead I write them on paper.
It hurts to know that I’ll never be the same,
Knowing I’ll never be the girl I used to be.
If only you knew what I’ve been through,
If only you could tak
:icongorgeouswreck:GorgeousWreck 5 5
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Let me first say, WOW! I love this picture a lot. It's flawlessly beautiful. Now, eh hem. You did a really great job with this picture ...

This is an amazing piece of work. Unique and wonderful. It's overall perfect from the angle to the details. You managed to capture the ...

This is a wonderful picture with a lot of uniqueness to it and individuality. Being able to see the steam is a wonderful detail to it. ...


Kryssi McGuire
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
My name is Kryssi. Some people know me as Vampress.

I am almost 26 years old. I currently live in Oregon and have been here since November of 2010. I've always loved writing and taking photos, ever since I was little. I write stories, poems, and books. When it comes to stories I write mostly fictional; werewolves, vampires, monsters in the closets, other worlds. But, as everyone will say, I write whatever I feel like. I have no boundaries and don't really care what anyone else thinks. Which is one the the things I like the most about writing.

You will notice that my gallery is rather broad when it comes to photography. Where most people like to specialize in one or two areas I like to specialize in everything. Though I must admit I am a little more into flowers and animals. However, I also like landscape and architecture, especially when I can turn them into black and white photos. Wedding and portraits are exceptionally fun and I fully intend on improving. And you will also notice, I take a fair few amount of photos of myself and/or of my boyfriend. It's a promise thing, little too personal to explain on here. But, my idea of being able to convey a message with a single photo is what drives me to keep my expertise open and wide.

The type of camera I use is a Nikon D3200 and I have two different lenses (a macro lense and a zoom lense) to go with the camera. It makes photography a little more creative.

I was raised as a Christian and was baptized at a young age, but never really lived the life of a Christian. However, I'm still working on it. Most of my recent inspiration has come from God, from my Christian friend :iconcrg-free:, and the new way I look at life.

I have three pets, Bella, Smudge, and Thief (our newest addition). Bella is a 4-pound black toy Pomeranian and I've had her since she was born. She is my pride and joy. She used to go everywhere with me, but I had to give her to my mum in California because I couldn't take care of her properly right now. She's with her four siblings, so she's happy. Smudge is a big black and white cat who we sometimes call Miss Hitler because of the black mustache under her nose. She's often annoying but we love her and she's part of the family. Thief is a 13 week old puppy and he's a mutt. He's mostly my boyfriend's dog, but he's also bonded to me and is half mine. He has multiple breeds in him with Australian Shepard being the one everyone notices first. He's going to be a big dog. I take many pics of my pets, if you haven't noticed already from looking at my gallery.

Alright, if you want to know more about me, then message me. Take care.


:iconrequestsopen: :iconrequestsask: :iconepicbadge1plz::iconepicbadge2plz:

`•.¸.•´¸.•´¸.•´¨; ¸.•*¨;

(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•♥● . : •----- •: . ● ● . : •----- •: .

. •°•. ★ . •°•. . •°•. ★ . •°•. . •°•.

┊     ┊     ┊    

┊     ┊     ★

┊     ♥


It's been a long while since I posted anything, since I was seriously "active" on my profile. I'll post photos from time to time, but since I lost my financial aid money, I've spent much of my time working and and relaxing on my days off. It almost seems pointless for me to even contiue on here, but, the problem is, I've put in so much work into this site that I can't bring myself to just delete it all. All the people I've met, all the pieces of work I've posted, the feedback I've gotten, the journals I've submitted? I've put so much of myself into the profile of "GorgeousWreck" that I continue to hope one day I'll get back to this and be a regular once more.

Nowadays, work seems to consume me. I work long hours to make money so I can pay bills, put food on the table for me and my family, to save money for things we want or need. But with work comes the problem of not being able to get onto my social sites very often. I'm on facebook because it's on my phone and instagram/twitter because it's on my tablet. I know I have the DA app on my tablet and the capability of posting through there. Maybe, just maybe, that is what I'll start to do instead. My tablet has become my portfolio, where I store all my photos.

Times are hard right now. I lost my financial aid not too long ago and since I lost that I can't go back to school, unless I want to pay for my classes out of pocket for a couple of terms, until I can transfer to PSU. (which I plan on doing, but I can't right now). If I can transfer to PSU then my financial aid starts over, allowing me to pay bills with school money. But until I have enough money saved up for two classes, I cannot pay out of pocket. I must continue to work as many hours as I can get, but Burgerville barely gives me 20 hours a week. Which is why I am applying for a second job, where I can possibly get another 20 hours.

It sucks; I have been trying hard to get my SSI, but my court hearing isn't until sometime next summer, a year from now. Until then I need to try and make as much money as I can and save it, to pay for bills. This is where our world has come down to, making people world every hour they possibly can just to make ends meet, sometimes just barely. We work all our lives for a tiny apartment, to put unhealthy food on our plates, to give our pets the bare minimum amount of food to keep them alive, and our children fall into the same lifestyle.

As much as I miss my babies, my son and daughter, I am almost glad they aren't here. God now holds them in his arms, sings them to sleep, and tells them stories about their mother. Everyone knows I have a son, a child I miscarried at 7 months pregnant in 2010. What no one on here knows is that I recently miscarried June 4th of this year (10 days before my son's birthday), at 2 months with another child I believe to be a girl. The details do not matter. What matters is that I now have two babies in heaven who are save in the arms of my Lord, protected by angels. I have wished to hold them, to see their eyes, and watch them grow up. But with the way our world is falling apart, it is better that they are not here to endure through the cruelship of humans.

This is what our has become, dying and falling apart around us like crumbled rocks. My life is a little easier then some. I do not live inside and don't have to pay rent or electricity. I don't have to pay for a car or insurance. However, I do have three dogs and they eat a lot. What I do pay for is our phone bill, a storage to keep excess stuff, a bus pass for me to get to and from work, a dog's vet plan, food for all of us, and I always try to save money each paycheck.

When will life get easier? Not a lot easier, but just a little. A simple break would be nice. Just a chance for us to get a little ahead, to not feel like we're struggling to catch up and stay afloat. Is that too much to ask for?
  • Watching: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
  • Eating: Ramen

Journal History


On the edge of the most
In the middle of a park one early morning, the mist lingering one the tree tops, slowly retreating away from me.
A Walk To Remember
Walking across the steal bridge early in the morning by ones self is a long, sad journey that some people choose not to take but have no other option. "Sometimes is better to walk alone than walk with someone who doesn't truly care about you."


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Just give a specific pose or place you want me to take a picture of and I'll try to! Meow :3

It must be reasonable though! Nothing like Bella walking upside down on the ceiling....XD


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